Indoor and Outdoor advertising

Leading Advertising Company registered with many Corporate and Govt. sectors and in possession of over 250 sites at prime locations.

Flex Trade & JMD Group had the sole rights for a period of 8 years over Kiosks (on electric poles), and Bus Shelters in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi, Hyderabad in collaboration with CIDCO and NMMC.



Hoardings are wooden structures placed either permanently or temporarily on castle walls and were designed to hang over and past the wall. They not only offer a covering for defenders on the roof, but also had openings on their floor which allowed objects or liquids to be dropped directly down at attackers at the base of the wall.

An advertising hoarding is a large outdoor signboard found in places with high traffic such as cities, roads and motorways or on sides of buildings, aiming to show large advertisements to pedestrians and drivers. An advertising hoarding is rented to advertisers. They can also used to screen new housing developments or indoors, mainly in shopping centers.

Hoardings are designed to catch attention and therefore only include a few words are printed in big letters and contain very bright colors. They are used by global brands such as telecommunication companies, banks, movie companies and car manufacturers. Charities and governmental agencies also use them to communicate with the general public.

Being a large format digital printing company, Super chrome uses the latest graphic design and digital printing technologies to produce high quality advertising hoardings suitable for outdoors and indoors displays, for shop openings, product launches and construction sites. The service provided by our talented team of designers and print specialists is unbeatable and offered at very competitive prices.

Companies prefer to display their products and information on hoardings as a lot of people tend to view hoardings and route to their workplace or while going home. Hoardings reach out to a vast section of society.

Advertising through hoardings is big business. Owners of buildings including societies try to augment their resources by successfully exploiting this source of revenue. Hoardings are put up on the terrace or in the compound or on the walls of a building. We also find roadside hoardings which generally belong to advertising agencies. As these hoardings are big enough, and leveled quite high, they are easily spotted. Their bright colors and larger than life figures catch everyone's eyes. This is the reason why hoardings are so much in demand.



Banners are the types of flags which display a message, caption or slogan generating a curiosity among the audience. Flex Trade works in designing and placement of these banners at strategic locations. Cloth banners or plastic banners, whatever your requirement is we do it all. So colour the city with your own colour.

Ricksha Addvertising

Rickshaws provide the perfect opportunity for advertising your downtown business, regularly delivering passengers to and from sporting events, concerts, restaurants, clubs, and other activities.

With our expanding fleet and driver pool we guarantee at least 700 display hours per month for your advertising. Raleigh Rickshaw is present at all major downtown activities -- if there's a crowd, we're there. How much would it cost to hire a driver to pedal your ad around the most popular spots downtown? With rickshaw advertising, we can provide this service in Minimum Prices.


Mobile Vans

Mobile Vans work as an extension of Outdoor Advertising Medium. There are specific locations where due to various limitations outdoor sites are not available and the Advertiser is persistent in having their display. The Mobile Vans are very sleek and accommodates two 20x10 illuminated hoarding sites on either sides. These vans have hydraulic mechanism, which raises and rotates the display to a desired angle at the specific locations giving maximum publicity. Thus Mobile Vans have the unique advantage to be present in any market situation when and where needed. Flex Trade India have been allotted Vans to be deployed for promotional purposes for all over India.



Flex Trade have a separate division managing the merchandising and promotional activity of various Clients.ABOUT MERCHANDISING Clients who have a large number of retail outlets desire to reach these outlets simultaneously to launch their promotional activity. Promotional activity is effective and fruitful only when the entire outlets display and convey the same message to the ultimate customer.


Bus Shelters/Public Utilities

Bus shelter/ PU advertising has grown out to be a very popular outdoor advertising approach. This is a potent medium to surprise, excite and engage the customers. Flex Trade helps you in designing the concepts. With our creative edge you get to set yourself in the memory of the customers with increased visibility.



Kiosks are the small billboards placed on poles alongside the roads. The kiosks may be simple or glow sign. They further increase the visibility of your product. Kiosks should be crisp ‘n catchy, so that they can be read at the pass of a second, while a person is passing by. Kiosks can also be used as a teaser before the launch of the product.

Glow Signs

Flex Trade owns excellent glow signs positions. These Glow signs are strategically located and cover commuters coming out and coming in to stations. Over 38 lac commuters travel by Central Railway each day.


Neon Signs

NEON SIGNS continue to be the most effective and eye catching display. Flex Trade have excellent Neon Sign sites. Flex Trade is fully equipped to take up challenging jobs on neon signs right from designing, production, installation and above all trouble free maintenance.

Creative Services

Creativity is our innate capability. Creativity plays a vital role in outdoor activity. Outdoor promotions require an image / concept, that compels the audience to ‘Wait and Watch’ and this becomes possible with Flex Trade.


Digital Screens

The highly interactive digital screens make your message appealing to the audience. A digital screen with a catchy caption and a communicative image makes your advertisement noticeable. Digital Screens enjoy the maximum visibility during the evenings. Flex Trade helps you in making your expenditure worthwhile with high level of creativity and interactivity.


Electronic Media

Flex Trade Registered as an Accredited Agency with Doordarshan, Zee Television, Sony Entertainment, Star Entertainment with the name of RED SHED. Holds Authority for releasing of commercial on all Television Channels in India Specialized in Marketing of TV Serials & Feature films. Flex Trade is Associate with RED SHED. RED SHED is very big name in Electronic Media industry.


  • Broadcast
  • Television Commercials
  • Corporate AVs
  • Documentaries
  • Short Films
  • Still Photography & Art Direction
  • Radio Jingles
  • Airtime Management
  • Editing & Compilation
  • Voice Overs
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Identity Manual
  • Outdoor Management
  • Media Management

In today’s time visibility is key. What is seen is what is sold. We arrange your brand communication to be placed at sites vulnerable to eyeball hits. A complete media plan is etched out keeping the geographics and objectives in view.

Media Buying

We help you in negotiating your outdoor placements to the suppliers. Through our professional expertise in buying the most exquisite, yet cost-effective places, we give you the edge for the maximum reach out. Our wide network helps you to execute your proceedings with the best possible standards.Top