We help you run your business in a successful way


Be It Strategy or execution, We put it our best in everything we do and reflects in our work, exactly why we are proud of what we do

Our Advantages

Flex Trade specializes in helping corporates using social media tools, sites and applications to connect with customers and prospects. Social media is all about interaction without interruption.


Leading Advertising Company registered with many Corporate and Govt. sectors and in possession of over 250 sites at prime locations. Flex Trade & JMD Group had the sole rights for a period of 8 years over Kiosks (on electric poles).


Our Services

We organise a wide selection of Corporate Events. Whether it’s a day out of the office, either to reward or motivate your staff or, perhaps you want to say ‘thank you’ to your clients .


Logo designers at Flex Trade would design a scintillating new logo and corporate identity for your business that will make you memorable to all your customers, and paint you as a reliable successful company .


About Company

Flex Trade is one of India’s leading Advertising Company. Our company enables clients to brand their products and services, which is the base of the growth of an organization.

We offer a wide spectrum of specialized services for our clients.Complete In-House Solvent and Offset Printing, Febrication, Manufacturing of Advertising Material and Indoor-Outdoor activity.

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